This Tundra started out as a 1794 Edition, but the only thing left to tell you that is the interior. The day he received the truck it was delivered to Revolution Wraps where they did the complete chrome delete and green wrap. From there it was brought to us where we installed many new parts. We started off by installing a 4.5” Coil-Over Conversion from BDS Suspension to make sure the ride quality was top notch. For wheels we went with 20” Fuel Vapors and 35” Nitto Ridge Grapplers. In the front we did a Go Rhino BR5 matched with a Bulldog 9500lb Winch. Originally in the rear we wanted to match the front and use a Go Rhino BR20, but since the 1794 Edition comes equipped with every sensor option possible we switched to the ICI Magnum rear bumper. ICI’s bumper is one of the few on the market that allow for the parking sensors plus whatever additional ones are added. We kept the block look going by installing a set of Westin HDX steps. And lastly we installed a set of Bushwacker Pocket Flares which were also wrapped by Revolution.

Mod List:

  • 6″ BDS Suspension
  • Fox Coil-Overs
  • Fox Shocks
  • 20×9 Fuel Vapor
  • 35×11.50×20 Nitto Ridge Grappler
  • Bushwacker Pocket Flares
  • Go Rhino BR5
  • 9500lb Bulldog Winch
  • ICI Rear Bumper